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Events 2022

Power Washing Schedule

Power Washing has increased dramatically within the entire El Cajon Boulevard Maintenance Assessment District (805 to 54th). The area has been divided into 4 quadrants, including the Boulevard Transit Deck at SR15. The quadrants are now on a continuous rotation of service. In addition, portions...

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Pedal for Pride – July 8th

Light Me Up is organizing an all ages Pedal for Pride event on July 8th. The route will go through Hillcrest. Then, up El Cajon blvd utilizing the bicycle lanes. Making our way to Fair at 44 for the final destination celebration. Approximately 4 1/2...

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Move onto The Boulevard!

The El Cajon Boulevard Business Association is looking for businesses/vendors who are interested in moving onto The Boulevard. In particular, we are developing a list of entrepreneurs who need smaller collaborative space needs. This could be retail, work space, services, outdoor vending or ??? ...

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