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About The BIA

The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association was incorporated in 1988 for purposes of administering the Boulevard Central Business Improvement District. It assumed oversight of the Boulevard Gateway District in 1997. The principal mission of the Association is to improve physical and economic conditions along the 60 blocks of the Boulevard between Park Boulevard and 54th Street.

Traversing the communities of University Heights, North Park, Normal Heights, Kensington, Talmadge and City Heights, the Boulevard has experienced 20 years of progress beginning with the installation of the Boulevard sign in 1989. Since that time utility wires have been undergrounded, ornamental streetlights installed, the medians landscaped, and street trees planted.

The 1,000 plus member businesses reflect the diversity of the population, and provide a wide range of goods and services.

Most recently the Boulevard has experienced the beginning of mixed-use infill development. Several hundred housing units have been constructed and hundreds more are planned.


Mission Statement

The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association is an association of local businesses committed to improving the physical and economic conditions along the El Cajon Boulevard corridor and its surrounding neighborhoods in Mid-City San Diego.



  1. To understand and advocate for the small business needs of the membership
  2. To ensure the Boulevard’s future as a safe and pleasant place to live, work, and do business
  3. To continue bringing public improvement activity onto and adjacent to the Boulevard
  4. To promote reasonable infill development along the Boulevard including a business mix complementary to its neighborhood and regional consumer base.



The association’s bylaws can be dowloaded here.



Formed in 1988, The Boulevard is one of the 17 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) of San Diego. Extending from Park Boulevard east to just beyond 54th Street along and one block north and south of El Cajon Boulevard, one of San Diego’s major commercial corridors. The Boulevard BIA regards socio-economic progress as one of its primary goals. This progress will benefit the businesses and the people they serve within University Heights, North Park, Normal Heights, Kensington, Talmadge and City Heights.


This BID is unique in that its Boulevard has undergone massive socio-cultural changes within the last twenty years. Immigrant groups from all over the world have come to live in and around the BID. As many as 56 languages are spoken on the Boulevard. The BID holds special events and attractions as a way of bringing people together, making them comfortable with the diverse ethnic groups living among them. This in turn helps local businesses because customers feel a sense of community as they attend to their business on the Boulevard.