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Happy Faces

Address3615 El Cajon Boulevard ArtistDusty Dirtweed HubCentral Description On the west wall of Soda Bar, a live music venue, is this happy mural that displays many faces of enlightenment. Back to the full El Cajon Boulevard Mural Tour. ...

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On The Blvd

Address3523 El Cajon Boulevard ArtistDavid Mena AKA @menamurals HubCentral Description This mural for Melly’s Design Beauty Salon is by @menamurals. It shows a mixture of Hispanic culture and the community where he currently resides. The artist titles the mural "On The Blvd" to represent the boulevard's Latinx community Back to...

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Mural Alley

Address3440 El Cajon Boulevard ArtistGroundfloormurals, OGMikeGiant, SakeOneDesign, and Persue1 HubCentral Description This collage of murals is located in the alley next to 3440 El Cajon Blvd. They display mural tributes to honor different people, including Junior Seau. Back to the full El Cajon Boulevard Mural Tour. ...

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Water Yourself

Address3350 El Cajon Boulevard ArtistMichelle Ruby aka  Mr. B Baby HubCentral Description The Mr b baby character, Chucho, is watering himself which represents a reminder to to take care of yourself in order to grow A Latina born and raised in San Diego, California, Michelle Ruby aka  Mr. B Baby, uses elements...

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