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New Trees on The Boulevard

Through our Landscape Maintenance District, eight new trees have been planted along The Boulevard. The locations are 3550 (1 Cassia); 4603 (3 Crape Myrtles); 4610 (1 Crape Myrtle); 5027 (2 Koelreuteria) and 5322 (1 Jacaranda). Studies have shown that shoppers in tree-lined commercial districts report more frequent shopping,...

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Little Saigon Trash Cans

Through a partnership with the Little Saigon Foundation, 8 pagoda roof trash cans have been installed in the Little Saigon District. The cans were supplied by the foundation and the installation and maintenance will be done through our Landscape Maintenance District.  Four more cans are...

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The Boulevard Sign

  To fill the void of lost neon signage, the spectacular Boulevard gateway sign was erected in 1989 to return to the glory of neon. City officials and local business leaders saw the sign as a major new landmark which would promote the Boulevard as a...

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