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Outdoor Dining on The Boulevard

Outdoor Dining on The Boulevard

With limits on indoor dining, restaurants are exploring ways to serve customers while keeping everyone safe. Please help support your local business community by enjoying a meal outside in The Boulevard breeze or ordering to go. The map below represents a list of growing locations offering outdoor dining.

If you are a business owner interested in expanding outdoors, the City now allows for the temporary use of a street, sidewalk, parking lane or private property.

  • Sidewalk PROW issued by The Boulevard
  • Private Property– Parking lots, patios and yards. No permit required. 

Parking Lane Pedestrian Plaza– Permit through City Development Services Department.

More information is available here.

In addition to restaurant and retail, personal services, including hair and nail salons, as well as gyms, instructional studios and religious assemblies are temporarily allowed to expand into private parking lots effective immediately per Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer’s July 20 Executive Order. Please note, most operations conducted within private properties – including privately-owned parking lots- are not required to obtain this permit. Other City permits may be required if tents or structures are constructed or placed to support operations.

Please contact us for assistance.

City Heights Restaurants Move Outdoors, Change Menus To Adapt To Pandemic

Above: The outdoor grill at Nhu Y on El Cajon Boulevard on Aug. 18, 2020.

Indoor dining is still banned across the state of California, leading many restaurants to take their business outside. In City Heights, some Vietnamese restaurants are embracing the opportunity and finding success.

The afternoon rush during a recent sweltering August day looks a bit different than it normally would at Phở Hoa, where the menu has stayed pretty much the same since 1984 — hot Phở soup. But now, instead of the air-conditioned and spacious interior of the restaurant on El Cajon Boulevard, it’s being served outdoors in its parking lot.

Thursday, August 20, 2020, By Max Rivlin-Nadler

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Pomegranate on the card

North Park gem spills onto the sidewalk, adds delivery

Pomegranate sidewalk seating, a great place for evenings spent in conversation

It’s a comfortable set-up, with flower boxes beside each table, and social distancing affording space for diners to continue practicing the art of conversation over drinks and between courses. In keeping with its food and atmosphere, Pomegranate has always had a way of bring out great discussions. That’s not something a restaurant can plan for or engineer with interior design, it’s just part of a place’s spirit.

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