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Public Right of Way Enhancement Program

Public Right of Way Enhancement Program

PROW Public Right of Way Enhancement Program

The Boulevard BIA, through the City’s Public Right-of-Way (PROW) program, allows for sidewalk seating and dining.

Use of the PROW activates the pedestrian realm and provides a transition space between the public sidewalk and private business. It also allows for safer dining during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Boulevard – PROW Process

  1. Any businesses interested in applying for a PROW permit will seek training from an El Cajon Boulevard BIA staff member. Please contact us
  2. The business owner will gather every item on the checklist (see document below) and submit their package to the El Cajon Boulevard BIA
  3. Once the business owner has submitted their application, they must meet with the Design Committee
  4. The Design Committee will review the proposal and vote on a recommendation to the board
  5. At the board meeting a final decision will be made as to whether or not to approve the applicant for an annual permit
  6. Permit fee ($200) will be collected annually – Fee suspended until January 2021
  7. Staff will photograph each business throughout the year to make sure it remains in compliance
  8. The design committee will annually recommend the renewal of all businesses with a PROW permit
  9. The board will annually vote to renew each business PROW permit
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