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30 Years! Mid-City I-805 Holiday Bridge Lights

30 Years! Mid-City I-805 Holiday Bridge Lights

805 Holiday Lights

The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association has overseen the Mid-City holiday bridge lighting project for most of its 30 year history. The seven bridge light program is a joint effort by the Adams Avenue, El Cajon Boulevard, North Park and City Heights Business Improvement Associations. Initiated in 1988 by the Adams Avenue Business Association, the holiday lighting has inspired similar displays in other locations here in San Diego and attracted attention throughout Southern California.

This year the El Cajon Boulevard Transit Plaza over the SR15 freeway was also added to the program.

The holiday lighting display has served as a marketing tool for the Mid-City, and for the four business improvement districts and the business communities along Adams Avenue, El Cajon Boulevard, and University Avenue.

Countless inquires have come to the various community based organizations as to the origination of the lighting, providing an opportunity to promote the business aspects and residential living opportunities of this centrally located collection of neighborhoods. Based on CALTRANS traffic counts the lighting display is observed each season by 2 million freeway users and another 1.3 million that traverse the bridges on the surface streets (Based on 2009 ADTs at 1/3 daily amount x 35 days).

We would like to thank all our partners who have helped the project over the years, including the City and County  and CalTrans District 11, who continually work with us to keep power on at the bridges.