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Boulevard News- July 2020

Boulevard News- July 2020

Wear a Mask to Save Lives

As California continues to fight COVID-19, it’s critical that we all do our part to reduce transmission and keep our communities safe. One of the best ways to achieve this is to wear a mask or face covering.

The Boulevard has produced a public service announcement video to show how the business community has implemented safety measures to protect the community and employees.

The Boulevard has also produced posters that are available to members businesses. Please contact us and we’ll deliver one to your business.

Virtual Cooking Class Series

The Boulevard will be producing a series of virtual cooking classes. Tune into our Instagram live today at 4 pm and watch Eddie, from Mama’s Bakery, show us how to make hummus.

Temporary Outdoor Dining

Mayor Kevin Faulconer has signed an Executive Order allowing restaurants to establish sidewalk dining and the ability to use private parking lots without a permit. This goes into effect immediately. County regulations and ADA clearance is required in the public right of way.

This will allow restaurants the ability to operate in light of the State’s closure of indoor dining. The outdoor space will help eateries increase physical distance by expanding operations onto sidewalks and parking lots.

This temporary executive order is expected to become permanent when it goes before City Council next week. This expansion is expected to include allowing other areas, such as on-street parking, for dining as well.

What’s in the Executive Order

Under regular rules, securing an outdoor dining and retail permit can cost more than $1,000 and can take several months to process. The mayor’s executive order will provide regulatory relief through:

1.     Sidewalk cafes without permits

  • Waives enforcement of municipal code section 141.0621(a)(2) related to permitting sidewalk cafes
  • Has the effect of authorizing restaurants to establish temporary amenities within the public right-of-way such as tables and chairs
  • Businesses cannot build structures as part of this Executive Order.

2.     Private parking lots for outdoor dining

  • Waives enforcement of municipal code section §142.0510 as it relates to the use of private parking lots

The executive order remains in effect until the City Council adopts an emergency ordinance proposed by Mayor Faulconer last month, codifying these changes.

Please contact us if you would like assistance in understanding the guidelines.

Financial Resources 

Access to capital resources in addition to traditional SBA funding programs, the CARES Act established several temporary programs to address the COVID-19 outbreak. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), EIDL Advance, The SBA Express Bridge Loan and the SBA Debt Relief Program are all available options. 

Link for more information –

Some other useful microlending options include:

  • The women’s Empowerment Loan Fund
  • The Opportunity Loan Fund
  • Accion small business loans
  • Kiva Loans 

For a more comprehensive list –

Access to Capital Instagram – @A2C123

County Small Business Stimulus Grant – New Opportunity

The Small Business Stimulus Grant Program is funded by Board of Supervisors allocated federal CARES Act funding. The County of San Diego’s Small Business Stimulus Grant Funding is to provide economic assistance to help businesses and nonprofit entities impacted by COVID-19. Financial assistance will be allocated to eligible, qualified small businesses and nonprofit entities with final award recommendations made by individual district offices based on the availability of funds, program guidelines, and the submission of all required information and supporting documentation.

Read more and apply here:

Get Involved – Business Hubs

Hub Strategy 

Along our linear business district, clusters of business activities create a natural marketplace of goods and services that attracts a unique customer base. When nurtured with placemaking, organizing, promotion, events and mobility improvements, these areas blossom into vibrant hubs.

Hubs are grassroots organized and propelled. Business owners meet monthly to share information, concerns and successes. This ground up communication and development helps to inform the ECBBIA day to day occurrences within the four block sections of The Boulevard.

Hubs are the easiest way for businesses and other community members to get involved in your immediate area. The online meeting schedule is below:

  • West End – Tuesday, July 21 (10:00 AM)
  • 30ECB – Monday, July 20 (11:30 AM) 
  • Little Saigon – TBD
  • East End – Wednesday, July 22 (1:00 PM) 

Please contact to be included on the hub email list for your area.

Join the East End Hub on their weekly clean-ups

Fair@44 Resources

The Fair@44 on El Cajon Blvd was created with the intentions of being a resource to the community. From launching start-up businesses to being a safe haven for Hoover High School students, now more than ever, these goals have ignited the focus of Fair@44.

The Fair@44 Resource Distribution Center activities are hosted by a growing collaboration of partners including the El Cajon Boulevard BIA, The Dojo Cafe, Diego Hills Charter School, UrbanLife Farms, ArtForm Swapmeet, IRC SBDC, City Heights Business Association, Fern Street Circus and the Senior Gleaners of San Diego County.  

*Social distancing practices are incorporated into every step of the process at all events.

In an effort to showcase local clothing designers from the area, The Boulevard BIA partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) SBDC, City Heights Business Association and ArtForm Swapmeet to host Safety in Style City Heights Facemask Distribution Project.

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Take What You Need – Tuesdays

Tuesdays at Fair@44, we have #takewhatyouneedtuesdays from 10 — noon. Don’t hesitate to stop by. Randy, Darnelle and Mark are there for you.

Fresh Fruit Swap – Wednesdays

Every Wednesday
Free Fruit Drop-offs 10 – Noon
Free Fruit Pick-ups: 10- 2pm (or til supplies last)

Instructions for fruit providers:
Step 1: Pick a bounty of fruit from your yard wearing gloves and facemasks
Step 2: Donate large boxes/bags of fruit at Fair@44, your local drop off point
Step 3: Share flyer on Next Door and other social media outlets to promote your locally based drop off/pick-up fresh fruit swap