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Power Washing Schedule

Power Washing Schedule

Power Washing has increased dramatically within the entire El Cajon Boulevard Maintenance Assessment District (805 to 54th). The area has been divided into 4 quadrants, including the Boulevard Transit Deck at SR15. The quadrants are now on a continuous rotation of service. In addition, portions of side streets are power washed or cleaned of trash and debris on an as needed basis to help those areas previously left undone. If you are aware of an area that needs particularly attention, please let us know.

Rotation Schedule

Quarter 1: 49th to 54th (November 26th) (March 10th 2022)
Quarter 2: 44th to 49th (January 6th 2022)
Quarter 3: 38th to 44th (February 17th 2022)
Quarter 4: 805 to 38th (December 16th)