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POPUP15 – Community Activation

POPUP15 – Community Activation

The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association has a lease from the City of San Diego for the long-neglected lot adjacent to the SR15 freeway.

The goal is to activate it and transform the lot into a space that engages the community and attracts people from the greater San Diego region.

Project Goals

– Serve as a flexible and adaptable outdoor space for community events.

– Provide green open space for the City Heights community.

– Engage City Heights residents in the physical construction of site elements.

Pop Up 15 Use 

Site: 12,000 square feet

– All events hosted at Pop Up 15 must free to the public to attend
– All events must end by 12am

Tier 1: Weekday Community Activation –Event must not provide alcohol and occur on a weekday between 9am and 5pm.

Cost: $150 Cleaning fee or $300 Deposit

Tier 2: Evening and Weekend Community Activation

Cost: $150 Management Fee
+ $150 Cleaning Fee or $300 Deposit

Tier 3: Community Activation with Alcohol

Cost: $250 Management Fee up to 8 hours + $30 each additional hour
+ $150 cleaning fee or $300 Deposit
+Security Fee

Please contact The Boulevard for more information.