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Mural for Iran

Mural for Iran

4595 El Cajon Blvd

Mindful Murals

Little Saigon


Mindful Murals painted this mural in City Heights in support of the protestors in IRAN who are fighting for their basic human rights. What we are seeing unfold is one of the worst human rights violation in real time.

Content warning:
This mural depicts Nika Shakarami who was kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, and murdered for participating in the protests and burning her hijab. Over 14,000 protestors have been arrested since the start of the unrest and 224+ killed, most of which are young adults or children. We hope to shed light on Nika Shakarami’s story so her voice will live on.

This global mural movement is facilitated by La based artist @cloehakakian in the fight for her country.

Local talent @elsiethecowww will be painting the other half of the wall next week to keep this momentum going. Via: Mindful Murals

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