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Kansas Street Head-In Parking Pilot Project

Kansas Street Head-In Parking Pilot Project

This project installed head-in parking along two blocks of Kansas Street, just north of El Cajon Boulevard. Head-in parking is similar to the more familiar diagonal parking (that is in more common use), except that the spaces will be perpendicular to the curb. Kansas Street was selected because it is one of the wider streets in the area. The east side of the street will continue to be parallel parking as it is now.


The project has been developed in conjunction with the City of San Diego traffic engineers. They will monitor and evaluate the change. If for any reason it causes unanticipated problems it can be discontinued. If, however, it is well received it could be expanded to other wide streets in the area such as Utah and Oregon Streets.


The number of parking spaces increased from 16 to 32 in Phase One.