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Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure Investment

El Cajon Boulevard Infrastructure Projects

Beginning in the 1980s, with the construction of landscaped center medians and The Boulevard sign, the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association has been working to bring resources to The Boulevard. In partnership with other community non-profits and government groups, millions of dollars of improvements and maintenance have helped improve and brand The Boulevard.


The North Park Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), a legal mechanism by which property owners voted to assess themselves to pay for and receive services above and beyond what the City normally provides in the areas of street lights, street cleaning and landscape maintenance. The North Park MAD was created in 1996 and was approved by a majority vote of property owners in 1998.  The El Cajon Boulevard BIA serves on the advisory committee, which is now under the North Park Planning Committee.

The El Cajon Boulevard Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), originally known as the “Mid-City Maintenance Assessment District, Sub-District #13,” was established by the City of San Diego in 2000 by City Council Resolution R-293589. The El Cajon Boulevard BIA was instrumental in working with the community to establish The District. The purpose of the District was, and still is, to fund specifically identified improvements and activities within the boundary of the District. The El Cajon Boulevard BIA serves as the advisory committee for the district, which is managed by the City of San Diego.


List of Infrastructure Projects

Date Project Cost
1980’s Median Landscaping- Park to Texas $850,000
  “Boulevard” Sign at Georgia $200,000
1990’s Median Landscaping- 30th to 805 (2 phases) $600,000
  Electrical Work on 805 bridge $7,000
  Cut, paving and install decomposed granite around trees. $7,500
  People for Trees $25,000
  Ornamental Lights- Altadena to 54th $70,000
  Medians Landscaping, Trees, and Streetlights 805 East to I-15 (2 phases)  
  1) 37th St- 39th St. $650,000
  2) 805-37th St. $900,000
  Ornamental Lights in Gateway $60,000
  Sidewalk Repairs- 805 west Completed
  Additional Ornamental Lights $50,000
2000’s El Cajon Boulevard Transit Plaza $1.9 Million
  Median Landscaping- Interstate 15 to 43rd St $1.6 Million
  Street Trees Interstate 15 to 43rd St. Completed
  Ornamental Lights- Side Streets Central to Copeland $150,000
  Ornamental Lights- 50th to Dawson $150,000
  Medians, Landscaping and Trees Texas to 30th $1.2 Million
  The Boulevard Sign Repainted $21,039
  The Boulevard Streetlights Repainted Completed
2010’s Euclid Ornamental Lights- Orange to Monroe Completed
  35th St Ornamental Lights- Orange to Meade Completed
  44th St Ornamental Lights-Orange to ECB Completed
  46th St Ornamental Lights- Orange to ECB Completed
  Median Lighting Restoration Completed
  CenterLine Transit Plaza (SANDAG/TransNet) $32,500,000
  Boulevard Transit Plaza Signage $38,000
2020’s El Cajon Boulevard Ornamental Lights- Highland to 46th $405,000


The Mid-City Community Parking District

The Parking Meter District Program was established in 1997. The program distributes a portion of the parking meter revenue to the district and the funds may be used to increase parking, mobility improvements (pedestrian and bicycling), valet parking, signage, landscaping, maintenance, and security. 

The El Cajon Boulevard BID serves as the fiscal agent and administrator for the Mid-City Parking Meter District. Through the leadership at the ECBBIA, hundreds of new parking spaces have been added to the Mid-City area. Click here to learn more. 


Thirty new racks were recently installed on El Cajon Boulevard, bringing the total number to 126 racks.
Ornamental double globe lighting has been installed throughout the district through the work of the El Cajon Boulevard BIA. The North Park and Mid-City LMDs fund the power and maintenance for the special district lights.
2018 Tree Planting in the East End of El Cajon Boulevard
#30 ECB Banners were funded by the San Diego County Credit Union and designed by the San Diego State graphic design program.
Crews installing new letters on the The Boulevard Transit Plaza.