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Little Saigon

Pho Hoa

Branch of a casual chain offering a wide variety of pho & other Vietnamese specialties.

Hoai Hue

Hoai Hue have been a part of the City Heights community of San Diego since 1993. They specialize in authentic Central Vietnamese cuisine.

Pho King

Casual, airy Vietnamese eatery serving pho, fried rice & other traditional dishes.

Song Huong Food to Go

Song Huong Food to Go is another little Mom-and-Pop hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese Diner/Snack Shop located on the corner of Menlo Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard.

Minh Ky

Minh Ky specialize in Chinese style noodle dishes.

A Chau

A-Chau is a family-run Vietnamese eatery that sells nearly 5,000 egg rolls a day. The mom-and-son joint offers two varieties: the traditional Vietnamese kind, prepared with rice paper, and the wonton-wrapped Chinese version. Unlike its Chinese counterpart, the Vietnamese cha giò boasts a wrinkled, uneven...

Maxim’s Seafood

Classic Chinese & Vietnamese dishes are the focus of this strip-mall spot with old-school decor.

Saigon Restaurant

Vietnamese restaurant that dishes up pho plus seafood & other traditional Vietnamese entrees in a bare-bones space.

Yum Yum Yo

. Yummy grilled chicken or pork sandwiches. . Croissants and Snacks. . Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls. . Spiced Chicken on a stick. . Coffee/Boba/Tea

Pho Van

Casual, quick-serve eatery known for classic Vietnamese fare including pho & fried fish cakes.