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Bikes on The Boulevard

Boulevard Biking

Bikes are good for business! 

The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association is dedicated to increasing mobility options in the district.
• Studies in some areas show that people who had biked and walked business districts reported that they spent more money in the area per month than those who drove there.
• People on bikes are more likely to make repeat trips to their local stores.
• People who ride bikes on vacation buy food, have travel costs, and pay for lodging. Bicycling tourists bring millions of dollars to cities and towns across the country that wouldn’t otherwise end up there.
Bike Parking
Studies have shown that bike parking spaces are better at generating revenue than car parking spaces. In part, this is simply because bicycles take up so little space, and parking can provide more opportunities for paying customers to park right at a business’s front door. Researchers have also found that people who bike (and walk) to local retail businesses spend more money there. (source)
Over the years, the Mid-City Community Parking District has been installing bike racks and corrals along El Cajon Boulevard. So far 100 racks have been installed, but we are always looking for more locations. If you have a business that would benefit from bike parking, please contact us.