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Take Back the Alley: Alleyways are a defining feature of older urban neighborhoods. Yet, rather than developing alleys for the benefit of the community, they have become the under-utilized. As part of the public right of way, alleyways have great potential to be transformed into alternative public spaces where businesses, neighbors and friends can congregate.

Media Arts Center

The MEDIA ARTS Center San Diego, in partnership with The Boulevard BIA, launched “Take Back the Alley” in 2012. For the past four years, in May they gather community and Qualcomm volunteers to enhance their back lot and encourage activation of their outdoor space.

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Humble Heart

In May  of 2016, City Heights residents worked to take back the alley behind the Humble Heart Thrift Store on El Cajon Boulevard. The space was transformed from a messy storage area behind gates into the beginnings of a community gathering space. The alley is now home to City Heights Coffee House.

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