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Events 2018

New Bike Racks on The Boulevard

The Mid-City Community Parking District has been working with The City of San Diego to increase bike parking along El Cajon Boulevard. Thirty new racks were recently installed, bringing the total number to 126 racks. Studies have shown that bike parking spaces are better at generating...

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Boulevard News – August 2018

Broadstone North Park Opens! “We try and leave neighborhoods better than we found them” stated Carlee Carpio, Development Manager for Alliance Residential who just completed Broadstone North Park on the corner of Texas and Howard Street.  Anyone can build a nice building, but more importantly, Alliance...

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Broadstone North Park

Carlee Carpio, Development Manager for Alliance Residential, led a group of community members, including representatives from the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association, North Park Community Planning Group, and staff from Councilmember Ward's office, on a tour the newly-constructed Broadstone North Park. The development includes a...

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Placemaking Permit

With past projects, such as POPUP15, Fair @ 44, and Take Back The Alley, The Boulevard has a history of implementing Placemaking projects. We have been working with the City of San Diego to adopt a formal process to implement these projects and that day...

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Boulevard News – July 2018

Soul Flow Studio Erin Bowman always considered herself an artist who was fortunate to be well-supported and inspired by her creative parents. Her father was an architect who loved to draw and appreciated historic buildings.  Her mother practiced drawing, painting and crafting on a regular basis, and...

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Boulevard Business Spotlight Series

The Boulevard Business Spotlight is a series of interviews by realtor Vinnie Enriquez of local business owners and operators providing a unique opportunity to learn more about their businesses and connection to El Cajon Boulevard, which bridges a mosaic of San Diego’s oldest, densest and most interesting...

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