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Events 2018

Blvd 20/20 Town Hall

Join us to create a new Vision for Smart Living, Working, and Growing into San Diego’s model transit oriented community! Goals for this Forum:   -Kick-off of stakeholder input gathering process to arrive at a clear, cohesive work plan that can be implemented by the ECBBIA - Invite participants...

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Boulevard News – May 2018

Sin Lee As Vietnamese began settling in San Diego, an expansion of culture emerged.  As an immigrant, being an entrepreneur is a key element of making a living in a new country.  As new enterprises began to launch, ones that were unfamiliar to regular city standards...

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Boulevard News – April 2018

Cafe Madeleine As a young girl, Christine remembers feeling like the oddball amongst her peers at school, eating her lengua and mustard sandwich while everyone else ate bologna.  While she aspired to fit in, she also recognized that her mother’s homemade food was a special part of...

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